Tai Wei Foo – danse


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Mon processus est relié à ma voix intérieure et à celles de mes ancêtres…

I’m a trained classical chinese dancer from Singapore. In 2005 I studied contemporary dance in L’École de danse de Québec and back in 2015 I explored Butoh with 5 Japanese masters in Berlin.
Currently I’m implying chinese classical, contemporary dance technique and Butoh to my next level of dance research.
I see my work very connected to my inner voice, also voices of my ancestors. I’m looking for liberation in movement, body resonance with molecules in every object around us in daily life. Mixing my asian dance experience together with the nature energy, producing an organic, true work for my soul.
In this residency, I would like to create a harmonious connection with the nature elements through my 5 senses. Using the knowlege of my body to produce an unique work portraying fire element to the coolness of the calm water.